How Do I Use My Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are great to unwind with after a long day at work, or out with the family. You can use them in the bath, or in your favorite beverage.
Read more about how each flower essence has a unique spirit and therefore, a unique medicine. Flower essences are natural medicines that capture this vibrational and energetic fingerprint of a flower.

How Often Should I Take My Flower Essence?

Take a dose as often as you think to. Typically, your spirit, heart, or “gut feeling” will remind you when you are in need. Listen to it.

Have fun with it! When you feel the reminder to take your essence, place one drop on your skin or your tongue, in a bath, with your cocktail. However & wherever else you feel guided to do so.

For a stronger effect, use a daily dosing schedule (in addition to using it as needed as mentioned above)

Simply put one drop in a glass of water and drink the charged water in increments throughout the day. (Any water will work, but spring water is best if you have it available - it carries the natural vibration most effectively.)

At Emporium

We use the natural spring water which bubbles up from the earth in Manitou Springs, Colorado
(which happens to be an energy vortex on the earth’s surface).

Our essences are created in a meditative state, allowing us to stay open to the plant’s methods of communication in order to best to honor it and ensure the highest medicinal value possible.

Under full sun & in the plant’s natural habitat, we infuse the water with only the plant’s flowers to capture it’s vibration, or “essence.”

We only flowers from the plants & do so sustainably. Additionally we believe it’s essential to ask permission of the plant with each flower we take.

Then, comes the infusion process! The flowers float in the fresh spring water with rays of sunlight or moonlight creating a vibrational imprint upon the water.

And lastly, the charged water is preserved with brandy. This is called the “mother essence.”

The mother is further diluted with intention and prayer, creating the “stock essence.” where the vibration becomes stronger as it is diluted.

When the process is complete, we like to leave an offering for the plant, and share many gratuitous words of gratitude with it.

How seriously do we take sustainability?

We only harvest flowers from areas with an abundance of the plant from which we are making medicine with.

We take only so many flowers that ensures the landscape looks the same when we leave as it did upon our arrival.

It takes roughly 1/100 of one flower to create each essence we sell. One bottle of essential oil uses 1-2 entire plants.

We love the earth by leaving it as close to wild and untouched as possible. We hug & kiss it, and share its most creatively expressive (and medicinal) form - flowers.

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Getting Started with our Essenes

Sage & Yarrow

Our virtual clinical practice allows us to draw from a collection of over 200 plants in flower essence form and connect you with these magical medicines no matter where you are in the world. We also offer traditional herbal medicine for our clients as well as commissioned custom herbal (teas, tinctures, salves, etc.) products for natural medicine practitioners & their clients. For more information, contact us today

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