What are flower essences?

Each flower has a unique spirit (or essence) and therefore, a unique medicine. Flower essences are
natural medicines that capture this vibrational and energetic fingerprint of a flower. They support our spiritual and emotional bodies (though these effects often manifest physically as well). With the help of the sun & intention, a flower's essences is captured in spring water, then preserved to hold an intricate positive vibrational pattern of being. Upon each use, that pattern is repeated through the water in our bodies, helping us create changes we wish to manifest.

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Getting Started with our Essenes

Sage & Yarrow

Our virtual clinical practice allows us to draw from a collection of over 200 plants in flower essence form and connect you with these magical medicines no matter where you are in the world. We also offer traditional herbal medicine for our clients as well as commissioned custom herbal (teas, tinctures, salves, etc.) products for natural medicine practitioners & their clients. For more information, contact us today

Not just belly breaths and lunges